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The project’s most innovative educational element lies in its format. The combination of training courses with those of a production nature, with a view to enhancing the territory and international exchange, represents Castello Errante’s real and great learning and growth potential. Each action planned by the project is journey of discovery, comparison and, therefore, opportunities, experience, knowledge. The educational aspect should not be traced solely within the rich schedule of masterclasses and workshops planned each year, but also in the entire set of activities promoted by the project and in their continuous and harmonious development.


Castello Errante hosts masterclasses held by national and international lecturers on cinematographic techniques and new trends in the audiovisual field. Lecturers coming from professorships all over the world create theoretical and practical modules aimed at participants, project partner schools, or the host community. A calendar packed-full of events dedicated to higher education and research which, in some cases, take place in the most prestigious and fascinating locations of the Italian heritage, to combine the desire for knowledge and experimentation with the discovery of history and art.


Cinematographers, authors, technicians, actors, and national and international cinema artisans conduct workshops on various topics related to general culture or, specifically, to cinema and audiovisuals. These events are often characterised by the discovery of the culture of the countries involved in the initiative and are carried out in collaboration with the Cinema Schools or with other cultural project partners.