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Castello Errante connects more than fifty entities between institutions, universities, international schools, production companies, cultural associations, festivals, entrepreneurs, artisans, young researchers and students. This large network fosters the enhancement and promotion of the cultures, artistic heritage and new ideas involved.

International festivals

Castello Errante has given life to an international network with the Central and South American film festivals partnering with the Project. The works created by the crew in Italy are therefore presented on multiple promotional occasions in the Latin American countries involved in the initiative, which thus become an important showcase capable of enhancing Italian heritage across the world.

The circulation of the works produced during the project also aids the exchange of culture and ideas, creating opportunities for comparison, cooperation and co-production, capable of promoting new talent and increasing the potential of the initiative.

Only recently Castello Errante has partnered with international festivals such as the Icaro Festival of Guatemala , the Vinilonga Festival of Argentina, the Ficma Festival of Mexico, the Shnit of San José , within which the audiovisual community of Costa Rica deleFOCO established, in 2021, the Castello Errante Award.

Local territory

Castello Errante is all about discovery and experience, through a journey to the most important destinations of historical, artistic and naturalistic interest that host the main project activities. The value of the local territory is the pivot of all the main actions carried out by the participants. It is expressed through nature, culture and experience. The territory acts as the trigger for the project and makes its path extremely exclusive in the Italian cultural panorama, capable of activating knowledge, exchange, enhancement and, in some cases, empowerment processes. The resources that a territory expresses through its citizens, its products, its history, feed Castello Errante’s creative production, which becomes a sophisticated path towards cultural promotion.


Castello Errante travels on a journey to discover unacknowledged places, yet with great landscape and cultural potential. It undertakes continuous explorations, both to choose the locations that host each edition, and to learn about new contexts for the sets of works to be created by the participants. The cultural, educational and production activities are carried out at sites of great historical and architectural interest, thereby promoting the knowledge and enhancement of the Italian heritage.


Food represents one of the purest forms of cultural exchange; in addition, food and wine traditions and the sharing of ideas are eloquent forms of collective learning. Castello Errante understands meal times as an opportunity on which to share the discovery of the local territory. This is why it promotes a culinary culture centred around local produce, the health and well-being of individuals and the planet.


Events open to the public where cinema and food meet, impromptu detours to discover the knowledge and flavours of the cultural traditions of the countries involved in the project.


Castello Errante opens its doors to professionals from the world of art, music and cinema from all over the world. Special guests who give life to events further embellished by enchanting locations, and which turn into excellent collective training and promotion opportunities. Both the project key players and the locals actively participate in these events, which become the perfect opportunity for discovering places of extraordinary beauty.


Castello Errante launched the first edition of 2020+1 International Short Film Event, a review dedicated to the excellences of Italian and Latin American short films in collaboration with the IILA – Italo-Latin American International Organisation.

The event, held on 17 December 2021 at Casa Argentina (Rome) in collaboration with the Argentine Embassy in Italy, hosted a selection of short films made by the professionals who participated in the past editions of Castello Errante, a selection curated in collaboration with IILA and one created together with the partnering film festivals, such as Ícaro International Film Festival (Guatemala) and Shnit Worldwide – Short Film Festival (Costa Rica).


Concert by Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal, Santuario di Vescovio, 2019 Edition.

El Piano Errante was one of the most important events on the calendar within the film Residency project. For the occasion, the doors of the charming Santuario di Vescovio (Torri in Sabina, Rieti) were opened to Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal.
A free event, dedicated to a curious audience of music lovers who had the opportunity to discover the repertoire of great Latin American composers. The spirit of the Castello Errante project is based on the idea and importance of exchange. The selected composers have travelled and crossed borders: their music is the spokesperson of that richness that only the overcoming of “barriers” can give. A music that stems from contamination and discovery, from curiosity and from listening, and then reaches our ears, thanks to the elegant touch of an incredible and engaging pianist.


The celebrations of the third edition, which took place in Torri in Sabina, featured an exceptional actor: Giacomo Ferrara.
The young talent, known for his role as co-star in Suburra, has embraced the quality and exceptional nature of the project. “Creating an artistic residency in the cinema industry is an incredible and original idea. Castello Errante is a unique project of its kind that has all the potential to become a point of reference for many international students, and a flagship for our local territory to launch new ways of training and promotion in the cinema and audiovisual sector”, says Giacomo Ferrara.


Castello Errante, since its first edition, has embraced eco-sustainable development, respects the environment and cultural differences, and promotes new technologies at the service of a sensitive and conscious enhancement of natural and artistic heritage. The residence undertakes creation and production processes, choosing solutions with minimal environmental impact. It also involves all citizens, local inhabitants and tourists, promoting a healthy lifestyle, respect for people, nature and art.