Castello Errante. Residenza Internazionale del Cinema

A documentary by Marina Fastoso

The protagonists of the international residency at Wandering Castle intimately share their reflections on the profound significance that cinema holds in their lives, as they wander following the waves of a mobile, enchanted, and elusive art that nourishes their worldview and dreams. In the residency, which took place in a castle overlooking the sea, they find a fertile space where they can bring their individuality into dialogue with other cultures and experiences, thus experiencing an artistic and human fusion that is unique and irreplaceable.

Country Italia
Direction Marina Fastoso
Assistant Director Juan Romo
Music by Paolo Casali
Dir. Photography Renata Juncadella
Editing Gianluigi Porretti, Marina Fastoso
Production Sound Mixer Yatnna Montilla
Production Adele Dell’Erario