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Castello Errante. Residenza Internazionale del Cinema is a training, production and promotion project in the audiovisual industry, carried out in close contact with the territory hosting it, as well as a great opportunity for international exchange between young Italian and Latin American professionals (hereinafter “the Project”).

Every year, a group of students and professionals, from Latin America and Italy, gathers in a small Italian village to attend intensive training sessions and to develop and produce fiction and documentary audiovisual products.

 The Project is organized by Occhi di Giove S.r.l. (hereinafter the “Organiser“), with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Lazio Region, and the cooperation of IILA – Italian-Latin American International Organisation, Roma Lazio Film Commission, and the Embassies of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Uruguay e Venezuela, AANT – Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie di Roma, Doc/it – Associazione Documentaristi Italiani.

With the aim of supporting the creativity of young authors and promoting a cultural and international exchange, in cooperation with the other partners involved in the Project, Castello Errante publishes the call for the selection of an international film crew of individuals under 35 to develop and produce short films.


The aim of the Selection call for the participation in the eighth edition of the Castello Errante Residency (hereinafter referred to as the “Call“) is to select the students of the international film crew to take part in the residency that will take place online in the first half of October and in person in the first half of November 2024. The in-person part will take place in Italy, in a village in the Lazio Region.

The selected students will participate in all residency activities, including training, production or promotion events. The project entails an intensive theoretical, practical and experiential learning in a diversified context, far from the big cities: a new model of audiovisual, collaborative and international production, based on the potential and knowledge of its participants.

The roles for which students can apply are:

Assistant director;
Director of Photography;
Camera Operator / 1st Camera Assistant;
Sound Director;
Set designer;
Set designer Ass.;
Costume designer;
Editor (with skills as Data Manager)

The role of the filmmaker involves conceiving, creating, and finalizing video and photographic material documenting and narrating the ongoing edition of the project, its locations, protagonists, and activities therein, intended for the promotion and communication of the initiative.

The applicant has the right to indicate a second role from those listed above, without prejudice to the possession of verifiable experience, in the academic and/or professional field, including with reference to the second role indicated.  The opportunity to indicate a second role is optional. The applicant cannot indicate more than two roles.

In case of selection, the applicant will mainly cover the role for which he/she is selected by the Organisation, both for the realisation of the works that will be produced and during the training and promotion activities included in the project.

The Organisation will be responsible for informing the applicant of the role for which he/she has been selected.

The Organization reserves the right to select a Sound Assistant from the candidates applying for the Sound Engineer role, and a 2nd Camera Assistant from the candidates applying for the Director of Photography role or from the candidates applying for the Camera Operator/1st Camera Assistant role.


Anyone meeting the following requirements can participate in the Call:

  • Italian authors, both male and female, as well as authors of Italian nationality and authors from Latin American nationality.
  • Aged between 21 and 35 years. This requirement must be met at the time of submitting the application;
  • Student, or new graduate, or having graduated no more than three years ago, from an institute/academy/school/university in the film and audiovisual industry;
  • Verifiable professional and/or academic experience in the role for which the applicant is applying;
  • Proficiency in the English language from level B2 to C2+, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – Page 24)
  • Full availability to participate in the project during the period indicated, while being aware of the risk of postponement or cancellation should the consequences of the current pandemic crisis worsen;
  • Availability and commitment to remaining in Italy during the entire duration of the project in presence, actively participating, in an efficient and committed manner, in the activities carried out, in synergy and in a spirit of collaboration with other participants and with the organisational team;
  • Commitment to granting the use of his/her data and the works produced during the residency for training, production and promotional purposes related to the project;
  • Availability to participate in promotional events organised in cooperation with the Project partners.

Failure to satisfy just one of the above requirements implies the exclusion of the participant from the Call.

Persons employed by OCCHI DI GIOVE S.r.l.  or by entities supporting the Project and cooperating with it are not eligible to participate in the Call. Likewise, those who have a family relationship up to the third degree by consanguinity or affinity, as well as intimate or couple relationships with the Call administration and management services or with the appointed members of the evaluation board, will not be eligible to participate.

It is the responsibility of the participants to apply for visas or, in any case, to ensure that they can travel and stay in Italy for the whole duration of the Residency.


Thanks to the project sponsors, the student that was selected to participate in the VIII edition of CASTELLO ERRANTE. RESIDENZA INTERNAZIONALE DEL CINEMA will access a scholarship covering:

  • Project registration/participation fee.
  • Accommodation in a single room or a shared dormitory, with the opportunity to use the communal areas.
  • Access to all project activities.
  • Access to all classes, master classes and workshops held as part of the project.
  • Three meals a day for the entire duration of the project.
  • Free access to public events to present the project.
  • Access to cultural and tourist events related to the project.
  • Follow-up sessions and advice by the coordination and training team.
  • Travelling within the activities that are part of the project and only on Residency days.

The scholarship does not cover:

  • Airline tickets.
  • Travel costs to reach the place of residence on the first day of the project.
  • Travel costs to leave the place of residence on the last day of the project.
  • Expenses for food outside the Residency programme.
  • Expenses related to tourist-recreational activities outside the Residency programme.


Participants must complete the application form in detail, at this link, starting from April 1st, 2024, and no later than the deadline of July 22, 2024, at 23:59 (CEST).

The application form must be accompanied by the following mandatory data:

  • Bio-filmography (maximum half A4 page)
  • Profile photo (minimum 300 PPP, in JPEG or PNG format).
  • Curriculum Vitae/Portfolio describing the applicant’s educational and professional experience (maximum two A4 pages), in italian or english.
  • 2 VIMEO or YOUTUBE LINKS of audiovisual works (short films, feature films, advertisements of any kind are allowed) demonstrating experience in the roles for which one is applying through the presence of the candidate’s name in the opening or closing credits of the work. If the submitted material contains dialogue in a language other than English or Italian, it is mandatory to subtitle the dialogue in English or Italian.
  • Receipt of payment for the registration fee.


  • Showreels are not accepted.
  • Some sections are optional for those applying for the role of Graphic designer.
  • Applications that do not comply with the requirements described in the Call will be excluded.

Applications received after the above-mentioned date will not be taken into consideration. The successful submission of the application confirms the applicant’s successful registration. Therefore, the Organisation will send no email confirming receipt.

To submit your work, it is necessary to pay a registration fee of 10 euros to the following PayPal address: , with the subject: “participation in Castello Errante 2024 + name and surname of the participant”

The receipt of payment must be attached to the materials required by the Call.


For the selection of participants, the evaluation board will take into account:

  • The Call requirements met by the applicant.
  • The training experience carried out by the applicant.
  • The quality of the work previously carried out by the applicant.
  • The reasons indicated by the applicant in the registration form.

The first evaluation phase includes:

  • A verification that the requirements are met.
  • An analysis of the applicant’s educational and professional experience.

At the end of this phase, the evaluation board will draw up a first screening of candidates selected to access the second selection phase.

The second selection phase includes:

  • A possible online motivational interview with some members of the team and of the evaluation board, aimed at verifying skills in the film and audiovisual field, as well as the reasons given by the applicant in the application form.
  • A possible request – addressed by the evaluation board to those applying for the role of director – for a DIRECTOR’S NOTE that the applicant must draw up on a screenplay that will be delivered to him/her, and that he/she must send, prior to the motivational interview, according to the terms that will be notified to said applicants. For those applying for the role of director of the short documentary: the request by the evaluation board for a first proposed treatment of the idea presented during the registration phase, to be sent prior to the motivational interview, according to the terms that will be notified to said applicants.

The decision of the evaluation board will be irrevocable, and participants expressly accept it on account of their participation alone. The evaluation board will be composed of professionals operating in this field and members of the project organising staff. In the coming months, the board may publish new calls for additional professional roles to make up the crew for the 6th edition.


The participant undertakes, by signing a specific agreement, to grant the Organiser and its assignees, exclusively and for the maximum duration envisaged by Italian law, all the rights of economic exploitation to which he or she may be entitled on the creative contributions he or she has provided during his or her participation in all the phases of the project and on the works that will be created in such a way that they may be disseminated and economically exploited in any form and manner, throughout the world and for the maximum duration provided for by the applicable laws, with the express provision that the Organiser may assign the acquired rights, in whole or in part, to third parties.

Such agreement shall also establish the terms of participation as a student in the 6th edition of Castello Errante. Furthermore, if selected, the applicant undertakes to provide a high-quality photograph so that it can be distributed by the project communication department in the press, promotion and related visibility campaign.

The Participant shall also undertake, within the same agreement, to participate in all the phases of the project until its completion, thereby undertaking to provide compensation for all damages that the Organiser and the project partners may suffer as a result of the Participant’s subsequent unjustified refusal to participate.

The participant hereby guarantees that his/her work does not violate the rights of third parties in any way whatsoever and holds the Organiser and the partners in this initiative harmless against any and all claims, expenses and requests brought by third parties.


The participant agrees to send the submitted works together with all relevant documentation to the evaluation board members and to the administrative and technical staff of the Organiser in order to enable the evaluation of applications.

The participant guarantees that his/her submitted work does not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties and holds the Organiser and the project partners harmless against any and all prejudicial consequences, claims, requests or costs resulting from third-party claims.

The participant declares and guarantees that he/she participated in the creation of all the artistic material required to support previous experiences.


The Organiser and its partners shall not be liable for a) any late, misdirected, confused, distorted or damaged entries or submissions; b) any malfunction or failure related to telephone, electronic, hardware, software, Internet network or any other type of failure related to computers or communications; c) any damage to or loss of content caused by events beyond the control of the Organiser or due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances; d) any printing or typographical inaccuracies in the materials associated with this initiative.

Therefore, participants hereby waive any and all claims in respect of the above listed circumstances against the Organiser and its assignees.


This initiative will be promoted on, website, on social networks related to the Project as well as through the communication channels of the project partners.


The Organiser reserves the right to exclude participants and/or winners who:

  • have declared false or untrue information concerning their identity;
  • have failed to accept and meet all the conditions set by the rules;
  • have sent content, images or materials that are harmful to the rights of others or that are defamatory;
  • have failed to send all the required documents;
  • fail to enter into the contract mentioned in par. 6.0;
  • do not comply with the requirements described in par. 12;

Participants hereby waive any and all claims to that effect


Participants are aware that any health emergencies or those caused by wars and disasters could lead to restrictions and the impossibility, for the Organizer, to hold the International Residency in person. In such cases, the participant waives any dispute and/or claim if the Residency cannot take place or in the event that it is postponed.


Participation in the Call signifies the participant’s unconditional and total acceptance of the provisions and terms contained in these rules, without any limitation.


These rules are drawn up in accordance with and are solely subject to Italian law and Italian jurisdiction.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and validity of these rules shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin.


In accordance with current legislation, the Organisation informs the Call participants that the personal data sent will become part of a data archive held by the Organiser and will be processed by it in accordance with the applicable legislation regarding personal data protection.

Information on personal data processing is provided in the participation form, which the participant is required to read and sign in order to participate in the call.