The seventh edition took place in the autumn of 2023 both online (from September 30th to October16th) and in person (from November 1st to 14th) in the village of Contigliano, in the province of Rieti, elected “Italy’s most cinematic village” during the “Borghi sul set 2023” festival, thanks to the architecture of its numerous alleys with large stone arches capable of creating an evocative atmosphere.

“META” was the keyword of this edition, with all its kaleidoscope of meanings. Meta as changeand transformation, bringing with it the idea of metamorphosis, both for living beings and objects, reinventing themselves in new and surprising forms. Meta as a goal, a milestone to achieve, becoming the driving force of the project for all participants, but also an inspiring guide in the journey towards success. The foray into the metaverse, finally, an extraordinarily relevant concept in the present, directed the project towards the future, questioning new technologies and exploringthe possibilities of discovering new forms of artistic expression that reflect life and emotions in novel and fascinating ways.

Castello Errante 2023 is possible thanks to the support of the Ibermedia Program, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), Lazio Region, and Roma Lazio Film Commission; in collaboration with IILA – Italo-Latin American International Organization, Doc/it – Associazione Documentaristi Italiani and the Embassies of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

2020+3 – International Short Film Event

The third edition of the 2020+3 – International Short Film Event was hosted on November 7th at the Casa del Cinema in Rome and at the spaces of the Italo-Latin American Institute (IILA), with the aim of continuing the success of the previous edition and providing a unique opportunity to promote the project, while also consolidating international collaborations with the network of partners and national and international festivals that joined the initiative.

Director: Antonio Donato (Italia)
Assistant director: Santino Taratuto (Argentina)
Director of Photography: Anka Flores Maldonado (Ecuador)
1st Camera assistant: Claudia de la Caridad Hernández Cepero (Cuba)
2st Camera assistant: Sebastian Cristobal Bahamondes Gonzalez (Chile)
Sound Engineer: Edwin Ricardo Hidalgo Bastidas (Ecuador)
Sound Engineer Ass.: Andrés Martinez (Mexico)
Set designer: Luz Quevedo Duarte (Argentina)
Set designer Assistant: Camila Prieto Sibaja (Costa Rica)
Costume designer: Ana Maria Vásquez Rodríguez (Colombia)
Film maker: Jordan Gimenez (Paraguay)
Editor (with skills as Data Manager): Javiera Gutiérrez Oteiza (Cile)